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- hgrfh

Dear Mr Paul! I am really honored to have met you last year in Anand. I am so happy to own your HR-6 harmonium since then. I am amazed of very good craftsmanship, beautiful sound of Palitana reeds and uncomparable sustain! Out of many brands of harmoniums which I came across, your brand is outstanding. I am considering buying another harmonum from you. Namaste and Hare Krishna! Jagadisha das from Poland

- moncet

Dear Mr Paul: about 4 Years ago you sent me that beautiful HR-7 Harmonium and it is still a joy to play and to look at. Thank you!

- Christian Schmidt, Berlin, Germany

Melvin Musicals I have received the scale Changer in the last week in mint condition and found it beyond my expectations. You have proved, a small manufacturer can also make wonders. I have been a professional musician all my life playing different well known brand harmoniums from India, but your scale changer harmonium SCF-1 that you sent supersedes all. It is just amazing. I must appreciate the craftsmanship. Raw materials are of superior quality and I loved the outer polish finish keeping the natural grains of wood. Tonal quality is just heavenly and sustain is superb. Reed response is really good as it functions with minimum stored air. I must now thank you for the beautifully crafted scale change and for the honesty and professionalism that you have shown in this transaction. Wishing all the success. : With prayers: Anju An: U.K.

- Anju An: U.K.
Dear Paul Sir: Hare Krishna:: Your scale changer, SCF1 is at my home without any damage. I have morethan 40 years of musical field involvement and it is first time seeing a harmoniums that sounds this good. Thanks to your staff and workers. It is to be used in bhajan sessions and hope all may appreciate the sound quality and the craftsmanship. You may expect more orders from devotees. May God Bless You: Sudir : New York.
- Sudhir Newyork
Dear Mr Paul: Received SCF-9, scale changer. It is one of the finest harmoniums I have ever seen though I have used many popular brands from Calcutta & Delhi. My friends, musicians, are equally happy and you can definitely expect more orders soon as all were waiting to see the quality of your product. You have proved that small manufacturers can also do better things as they are more bothered about their market and future business standings. Your price is much cheaper compared to others still the quality is superior. Moreover, we see the pitch does not get changed in different level of air storage as experienced with other manufacturers. Keys and bellow are soft and work in unity to produce the best sound. It is really professional one. Hope, you continue to produce similar pieces. In the unity of prayers: Stiny: NL: Canada
- Stiny Canada
Sirs: Received the harmonium HR-6, triple reed, in good condition. Quality is amazing. Sound is beyond my imagination and indeed has a long sustain. Thanks for assisting me in getting the prefect model to suit my requirement. One of my friends is likely to place an order shortly for HR-6 model and hope you would maintain the same quality. With best regards: Gwym Weisberg : Germany.
- GWYM Weisberg : Germany
Dear Mr Paul. T.V. NAMASTE Received both Harmonium ( SCF-1) and Tabla No 4. I am really happy and appreciate your services. Scale changer is beautiful one and sounds good. It is exactly what I want. Thanks for your kind advise. Thanks and regards: Rick wulff: USA
- Rick Wulff : USA
To: Melvin Musicals This is to express my sincere gratitude for your services. I got all the 5 harmoniums in perfect condition. I find model HRF-9 quite special one. All the 3 set reeds are functioning effectively and uniformly with slightest air which is a major difference seen from other brands from India. Bass response is really good, perhaps better than coupler harmonium which needs heavy fingering. HR-3 model harmoniums that I brought for my students are also working good. With best wishes: Mark Hamburg : USA
- Mark USA
Sir: Received the harmonium model No. HRF-9. Thanks for advising me to go for this model. It is excellent and beyond my expectations. Tonal quality is really melodious. David W. Australia
- David W Australia

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